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Design changes and delays are common in the construction industry. They affect project timelines and injure budgets. Our experience of managing projects led us to develop business models that are practical and practicable.

The BluEntCAD Studio Model is better than the traditional time based approach. You can hire resources according to the work you have in hand. We support you as an extension of your in-house team. The choice of scaling up or down remains with you at all times.

We speak with your team to define studio needs. We define scope and work-share processes in detail. We plan a systematic review of your current processes and standards of documentation and prepare a scope and resource plan. We build responsibilities and skills to deploy the correct team and in-house consultants. For monitoring purposes, a transition plan is drawn and we begin cross training and knowledge transfer. We dedicate time for daily online meetings. We follow high levels of standardization and customization. Once the project is live, projects are channeled to the team and monitors are set up to review and maintain efficiency.

BluEnt selects the most suitable members of our team for your project. You are can view their portfolios and interact with them before you make your decision. You may appoint a Project Manager of your choice and make him/her the direct representative of your project. For a superior customer experience, you will have access to a selection of project management tools and non-stop support and assistance from the BluEnt team.

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