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BluEntCAD offers you an easy and efficient migration from CAD to BIM platforms with the assistance of industry experts and recognized BIM consultants. We have developed a unique and efficient approach for a smooth and hassle-free transition.

Step 1 Review the Current Standard and Process: Get a BluEntCAD BIM consultant to review your current documentation standards and processes.

Step 2 Scope and Plan the BIM Environment: The BluEntCAD BIM consultant, the client and the project team studies the results of the current documentation and drafting process. The process is broken up into two modules.

The BIM Environment: Identification of components in the documentation, which are repetitive and require conversion into families, libraries, parametric models etc.

Documentation Process: Assigning responsibilities of the documentation process to the BluEntCAD team as well as the client's team. Email UsKnow more about BluEnt's BIM Imlementation Services
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Step 3 Setup Roles and Responsibilities: Identify the key point of contacts on the client as well as the BluEntCAD side. Define roles and assess training needs. Setup a process chart with roles, responsibilities, project schedule, training needs, handover, handshake time and resourcing.

Step 4 Trial and Tested Method: Run a few low-priority projects from low to medium complexity.

Step 5 Revisit: Revisit the plan and make changes after the trial, if needed.

Step 6 System Implementation: Effective and regular monitoring with the help of BIM efficiency monitoring tools. Increase in the complexities with increase in the efficiency level.

BluEntCAD makes your team productive by keeping their focus on their core competency while providing you with a organized system to work with, and help you in all the drafting and detailing work in Revit.

BIM Studio Model: Hire Resource on Need Basis

BluEntCAD sets up BIM studio for Canadian builders, developers, contractors and engineering firms. Our BIM studio model works like as an extension of your in-house design team with a global outreach. We provide Revit BIM modeling resources on a changing and flexible basis. For clients who seek an alternative version of the studio model, we have a one-month trial offer. In the trial month, you can use the services of (1) Revit resource or BIM Modeler for 1 month. To know more about the BluEnt BIM Studio Model, fill up Request for Services form.

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