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Architectural Rendering Statistics - 3D Rendering and Visualization Software market to reach $4,068 Million by 2025

The thriving market offers customized solutions for companies to reinforce their brand positions

Toronto, ON - August 21, 2017 – The global 3D rendering and visualization software market which was pegged at $577.4 million USD in 2016 is projected to exhibit a CAGR of 24.3% from 2017. It is also expected to rise to a valuation of $4,068.8 million USD by 2025. The research has been conducted by Transparency Market Research.

Present scenario of Architectural Visualization and 3D Rendering Services in Toronto and elsewhere
The global marketplace for 3D architectural visualization features a massively amalgamated vendor segment. The three leading vendors Dassault Systems, Autodesk Inc and NVIDIA Corporation accounted for a near 80% total revenue in 2016. They have subsequently reinforced their position in the market with competitive costs, periodic introduction of advanced and innovative solutions and expansion of existing product portfolios with useful features.

In its study, TMR segmented the 3D Rendering and Visualization Software into 3 segments by Deployment Type, presence across Industry Verticals and Regions.

As of now, there is a significant demand for customized solutions which has been steadily increasing across diversified industries. Architecture rendering in the construction and real estate industry is perhaps the biggest consumer of 3D architectural visualization; followed by the Entertainment, Gaming, Publishing, Advertising and Academic fields. This vast demand for 3D product rendering has opened scope to offer innovative solutions and addition of better features in the existing product portfolios of 3D software companies. Email UsKnow more about us or request a callback from our executive:
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Based on the deployment type, the Visualization and 3D Rendering Software market is either On-Premise or Cloud Based. Most companies use On Premise deployment of services currently but cloud-based deployment is rapidly gaining traction. It is expected that on premise deployment will suffer a huge blow as more and more businesses come to terms with cloud-based deployment.

The 3D visualizer and 3D Design software, when looked from a geographic standpoint, earn large revenues from sales in North America and European regions comprising of 3D architectural rendering services in Toronto, Canada, USA, France, Germany and the UK. These regions alone contribute to a share of over 62% revenue of the global market for 3D Renderings. The Asia Pacific region including India, Japan & China is also a key regional marketplace for rendering and visualization. More specifically architectural rendering and architectural visualization are key areas due to the thriving construction and real estate industry in the APAC region. The Asian Pacific region is expected to dominate the growth rates of the software market in the near future.

The growing need to outsource 3D Architectural Visualization
Most businesses today are preferring to outsoutsource their rendering and visualization requirements, primarily owning the shortage of skilled staff for in-house teams and expensive resource costs.

Several architectural rendering studios have sprung up to accommodate this shortage in USA and Europe. With outsourcing, the need for having additional resources and infrastructure setup costs is drastically reduced.

Moreover, by partnering with rendering services provider, you can eliminate the need for having to incur software registration and license costs. Their expert 3D Renderers have quick turnaround time for delivering the final product images, allowing clients to reach project milestones quickly. Owning to these factors, clients across all industry verticals are expected to increasingly utilize visualization and 3D render tools for creating real-life scenes for customer engagement and project completion.

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