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3 reasons why construction drawings is the most significant trend in Renovation projects

Toronto, ON – February 16th, 2018 – The technological advancements in the construction sector have impacted the renovation projects in a big way. It has resulted in them being delivered faster and in a more cost effective approach. One of the methodologies to achieve the same is by developing accurate and exhaustively detailed working drawings.

To develop the construction drawings for a remodeling project, architects need access to the previous as-built drawings. Whenever one is renovating a space, especially a commercial space, it becomes extremely significant to understand the specific measurements. This can get even more complex when the previous drawings of the actual construction aren’t available. The consultants need be on site to take the specific measurements and understand how to fit the remodeling elements to the existing space.

BluEntCAD’s experienced professionals here highlight the importance of working drawings in a renovation project. According to BluEntCAD, whether the project is commercial or residential in nature, the creation of digital blueprints through highly qualified professionals gives the big picture of merging the newer components to the already structured building. Email UsKnow more about us or request a callback from our executive:
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They have analyzed the 3 key pointers for working drawings to be perceived as ‘trendy’ and very critical to carry out a successful renovation project.

#1 Remodeling isn’t just about adding another frame to a corner of the structure – but to ensure it all ‘seamlessly’ fits together. Renovating any part of the space can have a deep impact on the whole structure. Developing working drawings for remodeling projects gives clarity on how the renovated elements will look ultimately – it gives the whole picture.

#2 Renovations can be a costly affair and most of the time people aren’t willing to spend a hefty amount on it. Having a pre-planned set of accurate drawings enusre that you know what the remodeled version of the structure will look like. It gives the minute details of how the renovated components will fit into the existing structure and if at all it makes sense to do so. It even allows to plan and prioritize the remodeling elements that need to be constructed first and then move ahead with the other parts depending on the exact requirement and budget. Making mistakes in any phase of the renovation process can turn out to be more expensive than the entire project itself.

#3 Making alterations to existing structure can sometimes be more complex and time consuming than building a new home from scratch. Buildings already constructed years ago have a story – it includes the history of how it was built along with the techniques/materials used and that is very significant to know in detail before remodeling the space. These details when included in the newer working drawings help in gaining a deeper insight into what can be done and what can’t. It even gives a clarity on whether you need permission for certain renovation phases. Depending on how old the building is, you even need to get a government approval – where both the previous working drawings and the current set of blueprints need to submmited.

According to BluEntCAD, During a renovation project, every stakeholder involved needs to know what the desired outcome is going to be. Working drawings help to tap the exhaustive level of detail and understanding giving a more clear picture of the entire space – it ultimate helps to connect the dots. It assists in making the most vital decisions and crosschecking/ticking the checklist. With more time being spent on drawings and planning many ‘costly’ mistakes can be effortlessly avoided.

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