Custom millwork is an excellent choice if you want to jazz up your outdoors. Few homemakers realize what architectural millwork solutions can do for their place.

With enhanced technology such as custom millwork drafting solutions, homeowners, real-estate agents and building contractors can give makeovers to older buildings and accentuate the persona of newly constructed property as well.

One important aspect that caretakers should be mindful of is to allow regular maintenance and upkeep of their millwork. Custom cabinetry and millwork should be cleaned regularly; this is especially essential in case of outdoor millwork. Whether it’s the hot summers or the chilly winters, external custom architectural millwork requires proper care to maintain its beauty and charm.

Custom Outdoor Millwork

Here’s how to do that!

Exterior architectural millwork can include balusters, exterior trims and mouldings, blocks, brackets and corbels as well as custom millwork designed specifically to increase the aesthetic appeal of a building’s interior. Email UsKnow more about our Custom Architectural Millwork Services
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Your exterior millwork structures and furnishings need a thorough cleaning

Let’s begin with the basics. The best recommendation for keeping your millwork dirt and grime free is the same as your interior custom woodwork – ensure that it is stained properly.

Exterior Millwork

Remember, your architectural millwork is going to face the brunt of all kind of natural elements the year round and if not cared for in the right manner, it can lose its natural luster.

  • If your millwork comprises of dovetail timber or standing pergola, a high-pressure water hose is the most suitable for eliminating grime and dirt clinging on the surface.
  • Make sure to hose in a downward direction.
  • For tough areas, use a store-bought cleanser which can be applied with a brush. Hard to clean surfaces on pergola can be cleaned with a toothbrush.
  • Remove any paint or wood splinters which are peeling off before cleaning.
  • Add a cup of oxygen bleach to a gallon of water and apply it to mildew affected areas. This should be done after the woodwork has been washed. Once the stains lighten, wash and rinse with soapy water again.

Is your garden foliage ruining your exterior millwork?

Many homeowners with pergolas let their garden vines to drape and overhang from the pergola beams. They also allow their gardens to grow along the structural posts of the pergola. While growing vines and hanging gardens definitely add elegance, they also add weight to your woodwork.

To prevent any damage, keep trimming the vines frequently round the year.

Exterior Millwork Drafting

Maintenance and care of your doors

By inculcating some simple practices, you can keep the beauty of your wooden custom doors intact.

    • RefurnishingIs your door in the right condition? How do you know? Is the color fading? If so, then the finish coat is deteriorating. Color fading is your cue to wake up and start planning to refurnish your door.Outdoor RefurnishingPaint finishes usually get eroded when constantly exposed to natural elements of water, wind and sun. The frequency varies and can range anywhere from one to five years. If left unattended, your door can undergo extensive damage. Be on the lookout for obvious signs of damage.

    • CaulkingCaulking is the process of sealing gaps in buildings and furnishings to prevent damage from air, dust, insects, and water. Caulking is mostly done with chemical construction materials such as polyurethane, silicone and polysulfide besides other substances. Caulking offers a long-term protection but doesn’t last forever. Make sure you address problems immediately to protect your investment.

    • WeatherstrippingWeatherstripping is the process of sealing your home openings including windows, doors and trunks from natural elements. In the case of custom door designs, weatherstripping plays a critical role. Most architectural millwork drafting companies take weatherstripping into account when creating custom millwork drawings. Door weatherstripping is essential also for maintaining the overall energy efficiency of a building.

Custom Millwork Doors

Although weatherstripping keeps your doors in good shape, it gets beaten down constantly by people entering and leaving, furniture bumping against it and facing the lash of natural elements like wind, rain, snow and sunlight. Look for possible damaged portions. Replacing damaged parts is easy. Make sure checking for damaged weatherstrip is part of your millwork inspection.

  • Touch up and repairMinor damages and scrapes can be mended easily. You can either buy stain touch up kit or use paint to cover up these abrades. Avoid painting over soiled areas. Clean up the scratch to ensure effective results.

Why do we care?

You must be thinking why BluEntCAD is concerned about the life of your millwork furniture. The answer is pretty simple.

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