In the last few years, we have seen the construction industry make a dramatic shift from CAD (Computer-Aided Design) to BIM (Building Information Modeling). Several AEC organizations have adopted BIM Revit, now perceived to be one of the supreme tools. It is considered to be an intelligent solution for big sizeable projects, known for constructing precise error-free plans for BIM.

What is Revit Family?

Revit Family in the Revit BIM Services is a great feature that contains libraries of readymade objects. This library includes a list of predefined families. There are projects that require families with certain specific properties and parameters which can also be of use in many other Revit projects. These readymade objects can be used in CAD drawings and are customized to fit any kind of project. Families can be modeled from scratch and shared with end clients and employees working on the specific project. The different Revit families are modified with the help of Revit Content Creation. This aids in improving accuracy and the design quality of the models.

Revit Families include a centralized data management system. Revit Family Creation process includes the building of Revit elements. These elements comprise of Architectural, Structural and MEP components. The Architectural elements include walls, doors, windows etc. whereas the Structural elements include piles, beams, columns and other components that are used to develop 3D Revit BIM models.

Every Revit family are divided into multiple types based on sizes, materials, parameter variables, etc. The Revit Families created for a specific project can be kept within Revit. If there are any changes that are made to the particular model, these families can be modified as well. When making a change to one family type, the family is modified and updated simultaneously in the entire project. If the window height is changed in one of the window types, then all the windows with the same window type are modified instantly. Email UsKnow more about our Building Information Modeling Services
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There are 3 kinds of Revit Families:

System Families: The System Families are pre-defined families very specific to the particular project. They are used for creating basic building components such as roofs, walls, floors, and ceilings etc. that are used for constructing a structure. Since they are already predefined, they are not created in or deleted from. They cannot be loaded in from an external file or source and neither can they be saved anywhere except within the particular project. In System Families, we can create several types of family type. The organization can use these family types or copy them in other projects.

Loadable or Component Families: The Loadable Families are user-defined built in the Family Editor that uses family templates. The parametric, graphical, and documentation requirements of these families can be defined from scratch. We can have several types of Loadable Family and all these types can be used in the project.

These types of families are used for developing structure elements such as windows, doors, furniture etc. These elements are usually installed in a building. Loadable families can be created and loaded into a project in any external .rfa files. The files can be imported into the project at all points. These families can be customized as per the project requirements.

In-Place Families: These families are also user-defined however they include unique BIM components that are created very specifically to a project. They are like System Families as they cannot be loaded in or saved externally out of the particular project. We cannot create various types of an in-place component however it can be used for different instances in other projects as well.

Using Revit Families has many valuable benefits

  • We can re-use/recycle the basic Revit elements à the basic elements can be reused over and over in multiple projects to create the various content needed for the projects.
  • Easy replacement of one Revit element with another à the nested components makes this process easier and reduces the efforts
  • Can be quickly customized to the project requirements

Revit Families help in developing extremely accurate and high-quality models. It also helps the organization using these families save an immense amount of time. According to BluEntCAD usage of Revit Families has not only aided in increasing efficiency but also save a lot of project expenses.

The BluEntCAD employees are proficient in Revit Family modeling and can create high-quality Revit families as they have the required knowledge of the Family Editor modeling concepts and component creation process. Connect with us to know more about our Revit BIM services.

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