With the rise of urban migration and micro-apartments, it’s no wonder that new ways to approach furniture design are on everyone’s mind. Even if your space has room to spare, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of tackling an interior design project with creativity to make the most of what you have.

To give you a boost of inspiration, here are a few of BluEnt’s tips to balancing functionality and personality through space-saving design.

Start with a plan.

As with any home remodelling project, the first step is to make a plan. Create a list of everything that take place in the room you’re working on. Is it a living room or a bedroom? How many people might be using it at once? Do they eat, sleep, play, or work inside? And will these answers change a few years down the line?

These questions will give you a starting point for exactly how much space-saving should be prioritized and what types of solutions will best suit the space. Email UsKnow more about our Millwork Services
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Next, it’s time to break out the measuring tape. Drawing a floor plan of the room’s current conditions now will make working with millwork contractors that much easier, especially when it comes to designing custom furniture pieces.

Now that you have a rough idea of your vision for the space and what you might need, it’s time to decide on your budget. Fleshing this out early on will prevent winding up with a half-finished room at the end of the project. Discuss possible options with your designers and contractors with the relevant estimates, and be realistic about what you can and cannot afford.

Design to the room.

This is when you can start to think creatively. Don’t just copy ideas from interior design ads – find ways to maximize every square inch to make the most out of the space. For example, loft beds are perfect for rooms with less floor space but high ceilings.

Another avenue to explore is built-in furniture pieces made custom for the room. These are the best way to save space, because everything is tailored precisely to the size and dimensions of the project. the most common application of this is custom cabinetry. These can be fitted under staircases, walls with slanted ceilings, incorporated into other pieces of furniture, as standalone room dividers and any other places with storage potential.

BluEnt provides CAD solutions tailored for home renovation projects, especially moulding and millwork details. The accuracy of our millwork drafting services certify that our clients are confident in every detail before entering the construction phase, guaranteeing a smoother installation process. That way, the project is on the road to success from as soon as designing begins.

Think collapsible.

Regardless of size, any apartment will look open and spacious if 50% of the floor area is free of furniture. Of course, most furniture makes this difficult to achieve – but that’s where custom architectural millwork comes in. Think folding countertops and chairs, expandable dining tables, and custom kitchen cabinets whose doors open to useful appliances as well as storage.

In the bedroom, you might consider a wall bed or “murphy bed” that can be lowered when in use and rotated up and against the wall to be tucked away when more floor space is needed. Especially ideal for micro-apartments, there is a plethora of such modern solutions blend functionality with contemporary interior design for comfortable living.

Consider double-purpose alternatives.

A bed doesn’t only have to serve as a bed – it could be an opportunity for space-saving storage as well. A stylish but practical option is to commission a raised platform bed that incorporates a bookcase, fold-down desk, or entertainment unit on visible sides. You could even use the inside of the unit as a workspace or closet in itself.

These types of advanced moulding and millwork projects make small spaces feel more organized and full of personality when the design is right. Furthermore, the high quality that professional contractors are able to provide will far outlast many options you might purchase readymade.

They key to achieving a lasting, seamless result, both in terms of functionality and aesthetic appeal, is obtaining precise measurements. BluEnt specializes in millwork shop drawings for furniture and interiors to ensure that every aspect of your vision comes to life flawlessly. We work with interior home designers, cabinet makers, and manufacturers to bring leading technological innovation to furniture design.

Invest in key pieces.

Speaking of quality, it’s important to prioritize which furniture to invest in and which accents you plan to switch out now and then to keep the space feeling fresh. Be sure to go the extra mile for the bed, mattress, and storage pieces as these are the pieces you will use everyday and will need to last.

If your budget is wearing thin, sacrifice on more temporary design elements like paint, curtains, or rugs that are less practical and can be easily replaced. These are the elements that you should use to showcase your personality and keep up with the trends. After all, it’s a lot easier to replace bedsheets than it is to replace a murphy bed!

If you’re wondering how to secure the best quality for your money, the best alternative is to ask the professionals. Building custom furniture goes best when you have designers, millwork specialists and drafters at your side who have experience on similar projects. Although they cost more up front, this will save you time and energy through their know-how to get the job done just the way you envisioned the first time around.

We hope this article gave you some ideas for your next home renovation project. To find out how BluEnt’s millwork drawing services can help make it a success, fill out a form today.

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