A great construction project management system includes detailed BIM modeling with plumbing, electrical, HVAC details, suitable for contractors, fabricators, suppliers, architects, clients and other stakeholders involved in the project.

As of today, there are only a few software management systems which provide both architectural and management capabilities and Revit by Autodesk is the most robust system out of these. Whether you want to approach a new project differently or are looking for ways to optimize your firm’s efficiency, Revit will come in handy. You can complete your project successfully and increase profitability.

3D revit modeling


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Accurate timeline and budget projections

You can project timelines and create cost estimates directly from Revit software. In a way, you will be able to use your architectural drafts as ERP systems for the entire project. Through this, you can manage supplies and materials, estimate delivery deadlines and create effective reports.

This intelligent combination will save time, money and resources, increasing profitability.

Cross-functionality with Revit BIM

Revit environment can automate any module within a project. So instead of creating multiple engineered products, a prototype can be created and reused several times. You can also create specific construction drawings for every stage of the project, print 2D drafts and site plan blueprints and manage individual stages directly from a single model.

Since a single project will provide the necessary framework throughout the project, you will not waste time on re-creating similar products. Your overall cost of architectural design drafting and engineering will reduce significantly, increasing profitability.

Interestingly, you can use the same components in any new project as well. No more beginning from scratch. Save time, save money, increase profitability!

This brings us to our next point.

Creating new Revit architectural models from existing structures

Revit integrates with ReCap which is pretty nifty for renovations and remodels. You can use ReCap to do accurate Revit 3D modeling for new components inside an old construction. You can also use ReCap for creating cost projections and to manage the entire project. This way, instead of working on a remodel and beginning from the beginning, you can continue working with the same blueprints – amending wherever necessary.

Existing modules revit

Heightened communication

Because a 3D model is quite extensive, different stakeholders must be able to communicate changes and keep a record of the entire process. Revit architecture modeling delivers the requisite information to manage the entire project via a single, ubiquitous platform. At BluEntCAD, we use Revit Live as a single communication point to share and host our files. Many project managers across the world use Revit Live to communicate seamlessly with project contributors.

Moral of the story? You do not need to invest in any other communication medium, reducing your installation, onboarding and maintenance costs. Effective communication and profitable results!

Build once, use forever

A fundamental question that bugs clients is whether they’ll have to lay fresh groundwork for any renovations or remodels they want in their current project. Let us tell you once and for all here – You can use Revit drafts to stress test a building virtually and then use these again for upkeep years later.

Reuse in revit

Saj, from BluEntCAD says, “A well-designed Revit project lasts forever. Revit models are custom made, so you can expect only the highest quality. So, not only do you reap the benefits of Revit in your present project, you can expect them to come in handy later too.”

Realistic projections increase project value

Revit is more than just a CAD and BIM software. You can use its 3D visualization capabilities to create stunning visuals, even before the construction begins. Your client will have a better idea of what to expect, you can create more effective architectural drafts and utilize the 3D renders for sales and marketing.

Increase project value

The power of 3, combined in a single software. No more creating lengthy pitches when you can simply walk your clients through a lifelike animation of their new office, home or hotel.

Multi-Platform Drafting System

Revit files can be accessed from nearly every device include VR headsets, smartphones, computers and tablets. This reduces the need to create and share separate files for different devices. You increase communication between engineers, contractors, engineers, architects and clients. Everyone is on the same page. The additional cost of IT manpower is reduced, increasing profitability.

How do you begin gaining profits from Revit?

The easiest way is to work with a CAD design and drafting company. The right architectural firm will have a sound understanding of both 2D and 3D modeling practices. For example, the BluEntCAD architectural team has veterans with over 30 years of design and drafting experience. We have created high quality drafting designs for clients in healthcare, residential and commercial building and industrial spaces. Once you have your drafting sets ready, you can take the next step in your construction project. To discover how BluEntCAD’s experts can help you, head over to our office today!

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