Professionally designed construction documentation can save a project a huge expense by averting misunderstandings and constructions errors.

A construction project begins with the construction documentation. There are many contracts, agreements and other documents that contractors don’t really care about. All you need are the building plans and construction drawings, and you are ready to start.

But wait….

What about the rest of the construction documentation?

As a builder, architect, contractor, developer or investor you need to pay attention to the construction project documentation. What do these documents include? Do you have all the required documents before the construction begins?

There is a construction document review checklist that you can refer to. This checklist tells you what you need to have before you can start building.

Types of Construction Documentation

Striving for architectural perfection

The types of construction documentation vary based on the size of the project. The type of project also defines the amount of documentation needed for the project. Building a house and building a housing complex is completely different. The documentation process for a house is much simpler. A housing complex, on the other hand, can get quite complicated. There are many approvals and permits. You need clearances from various regulatory bodies. There are many legal formalities involved in a larger construction project.

Recognizing common mistakes in construction

Errors are a part and parcel of every construction project. Almost every construction project will encounter a problem at some stage. Some of these problems are minor and can be easily rectified. But some of them can be serious mistakes which affect the project as a whole. How do you recognize these problems at the onset and nip them in the bud?

What do you do to avoid making the same mistakes as the others? Is there something you can do as a preventive measure?

Construction Document Errors

Silly mistakes can lead to construction delays

A building project involves a number of different stakeholders. The bricklayers, masons, electricians, plumbers and various other skilled professionals work together. They coordinate their work based on architectural construction drawings. The details in the drawings help each person to understand and do their part in the project. The drawings are an integral part of the construction project documentation.

Recognizing problems in a project is a skill which is developed with experience. Introducing particular procedures and practices can help curtain some of the common construction project problems.

Construction Documentation errors

There are a few mistakes that contractors tend to make. Incomplete construction project documentation is one of the common errors. The best way to solve this dilemma is by using a construction documentation checklist. If you have all the documents mentioned on the checklist, then you have nothing to worry about.

But that is not all. There are other documentation errors which are detrimental to a construction project. Construction plan, shop drawings and specification errors. These mistakes can set the whole project off course.

Errors in construction drawings

  • Lack of details in the drawing – Some construction drawings are not detailed. They lack specifications such as measurements, type of material or other details. This causes the contractor and subcontractors to make assumptions rather than to stop the work. Some assumptions may be incorrect and result in construction errors.
  • Drawings are not to scale – Inaccurate measurements in the drawings can lead to errors in measurement during construction. Sometimes this may result in major construction errors. Rework to rectify these errors is expensive.
  • Incomprehensible details – Drawing with details written in an incomprehensible manner cause misunderstandings and confusion. It can also lead to a delay in work while waiting for clarification.
  • Incomplete drawings – Some construction drawings are incomplete and this can lead to a delay in the project. The drawing is then referred to the architect to complete. Sometimes the contractor may decide to tie the loose ends and complete the work to avoid further delay.

Errors in Construction Drawings

BluEnt ensures accuracy in the construction drawings

Errors in construction drawings have two major repercussions. The first is a delay and the other is an additional cost. Delay is caused when the drawings are not complete or detailed. Getting clarification leads to the work coming to a standstill. Longer delays can add to the construction cost as labour wages need to be paid for a longer duration than originally anticipated.

How can you avert such problems? Can you ensure construction document standards? Fortunately, with BluEnt you can. We ensure that the construction documents are detailed and clearly marked. We provide a complete set of sequential drawings. All the drawings are checked for errors by our expert team.

Renovation projects

Renovation projects can be very challenging especially if the existing drawings are inaccurate. The drawings will have to be redone with the help of professional surveyors. They use advanced measuring technology to determine the actual measurements.

The level of accuracy exercised for a renovation project is much higher. This is because the main structure already exists. The reconstruction will have to match the existing structure in quality and exact design.

Construction Document Standards

Renovations of old buildings can be challenging

Our team at BluEnt can prepare accurately detailed drawings for your renovation project. Drawing for exteriors, drawing for interiors, section drawings – whatever your requirement, let us know.

How to avoid construction errors?

Professional documentation services are one way to ensure your construction project documentation is proper. A large number of construction errors are caused due to problems with the construction documents.

Construction plans shop drawings and specifications are a very integral part of the construction project. A construction project requires professional CAD drawings with proper specifications. Shop drawings with detailing are a part of the construction document standards.

Problems with CAD drawings

Inaccuracies in CAD drawings are not obvious. Unfortunately, there are no tools to check if the drawings are accurate. Checking and rechecking the construction project documentation is the only way to ensure the accuracy of the drawing. At BluEntCAD, we ensure that our team of in-house architects study the drawings thoroughly, for any kind of errors or discrepancies before submitting them to the client.

CAD Drawings

Construction delays lead to financial loss


The errors in construction documents result in delays and financial loss. An error in the drawing could mean that some part of the construction will have to be redone. If the material quality or brand is not clearly specified it will lead to the use of the wrong material. Lack of adherence to standards may lead to clearances being rejected.

In the end, all these shortcomings only result in avoidable delays and additional costs to the construction project. To avoid such problems you can start your project by hiring professionals to prepare your construction project documentation. With BluEntCAD you can be sure of construction document standards.

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