Every construction project requires high quality photorealistic 3D rendering. While some firms have in-house teams, a majority of architects, builders and developers choose to outsource 3D architectural rendering. Having an outbound 3D rendering team is an inexpensive and effective way to obtain high-quality photorealistic architectural renders.

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At BluEntCAD, we frequently come across clients who are clueless about getting started on 3D perspective renderings. We decided to outline how to order 3D rendering from outsourcing service providers so that your upcoming project takes off the ground much easier. Email UsKnow more about our Architecture Services
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  • Communicating your requirements up front saves time and money
    No two renders are similar and neither is their price quotes. Every architectural project has its own unique requirements and 3D rendering studios in Toronto, Canada or elsewhere work with varied pricing. This alters with every project that they handle. In such a case, you can present your business requirements up front so that estimation of time and quote becomes easy. At BluEntCAD, we highly recommend that your outsourcing partner requests a proper documentation from your side first which highlights your project requirements, deadlines and software specifications. This will help the 3D rendering studio to put across an accurate quote. When you put forth your communication and requirements up front, you save time and resources for both parties.
  • Do not shy away from providing more information
    Most 3D rendering services providers request a set of drawings and plans for you to create high-quality 3D renders for you. Make sure that the documents are readily available for renderers to access and estimate project deadlines and pricing structure.Based on the information you provide; your outsourcing team will be able to anticipate possible changes and revise quotes as they add more flesh to bones. The crux of the point is, the more information you provide, the better. At BluEntCAD, we appreciate all images, reference images, presentations, mapped google images and even crudely drawn outlines.
  • Set timelines after mutual discussion
    We request deadlines for all our projects at BluEntCAD. The best practice is to set deadlines 2 to 3 days prior to the actual due date. This way, there is room for suggestion and feedback.A helpful tip for first-time clients is to go for renderers who provide scalable solutions and keep you updated on the progress periodically. Most of our clients love working with us because we send reports in intervals and ensure that the client is updated throughout the project.
  • A non-disclosure agreement is standard
    Service sector all across the world follow the standard practice of signing NDAs. Signing a non-disclosure agreement prevents your renderer from sharing your information with other 3rd parties during or after project completion. You can take help from a legal expert to draft NDA. Make sure you read the entire agreement carefully before you get your rendering partner to sign it.

3D architectural renders tell a story. With the right approach, you can ensure that the story gets told in the way your 3D renders are prepared. Working with a right 3D rendering service provider will sort out complexities for you. They will ask the right questions and work on your ideas in the right fashion to convey the storyline to you in a desirable manner.

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At BluEntCAD, we have a team of 60+ expert 3D renders and drafters who have years of experience at their hands. We create high-quality 3D renders with latest tools to achieve on-time delivery at affordable prices. Get in touch with us to know more!

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