Often overlooked, fabrication drawings are probably the most instrumental element of construction. Which is why you should never ignore or sidetrack their importance. Oh, and by the way, good fabrication shop drawings won’t do. Great fabrication engineering drawings make all the difference!

Your drawings for fabrication comprise of intricate details of how various structural elements are designed, manufactured, assembled and installed. While a good fabrication drawing will guide the contractor with up to date details, a great fabrication drawing will armor your on-site contractor with accurate measurement and a total number of elements which are required for completing the project.

Fabrication Drawings

And this goes without saying, an inaccurate fabrication drawing is going to postpone schedules, cause delays and damage on-site!

Fabrication construction and Architectural Drawings 101: Types of fabrication drawings

When you work with expert fabrication design team such as BluEntCAD, you can expect to receive three basic fabrication drawings. All of these play an instrumental role in a complex construction project; especially when you work with steel structures. Also, all of these drawings require several drawings in sundry views.

So, how do you identify a great fabrication drawing?

It will only comprise of necessary detailing and nothing else!

Let’s look at the types of drawings:

  • Metal Fabrication Drawings

    These illustrate the various metal components which are going to be used in your building with details on manufacture, supply, assembly and installation. They comprise of structural steel fabrication shop drawings and sheet metal drawings.

  • Mechanical Fabrication Drawings

    Mechanical drawings fabrication & details comprise a set of drawings which are required for design, manufacture and installation of prefabricated components. These are generally designed for the fabricator, manufacturer, supplier and contractor.

  • Single Part Drawings

    The single part drawings focus on more complex details of your construction project. These comprise of specific details for cutting materials, their dimensions and the weight of individual components.

  • Assembly Drawings

    When individual components are ready, they are sent to the welder to assemble; accompanied by assembly drawings. These drawings comprise of information on bill of materials and finishes.

  • General Arrangement Drawings

    General Arrangement drawings are master plans; talking about how all components fit together to create one unit. They contain several drawing angles.

What should great fabrication drawings comprise of?

As we said, incorrect fabrication drawings will cost you money, resources and time; besides causing damages to erected structures and jeopardizing the safety of workers and residents. But, great fabrication drawings will reap you with long-lasting structures for years to come.

  • With good steel fabrication drawings, your building’s steel structures will be assembled correctly

    Incomplete information in drawings will lead the on-site contractor to assemble structures incorrectly. The structures will no longer have the same safe specifications. They will also take up more time and effort to assemble. Effective steel fabrication workshop drawings will prevent this from happening.

  • Fabrication Drawings

  • Great Fabrication Drawings already meet fabrication drawings standards

    Most AEC industry veterans know the stringent standards tests and quality assurance checks that the fabrication drawings undergo. Not performing the QA tests and rushing into construction is only going to cause further delays and wastage. When you work with BluEntCAD, you will only get fabrication shop drawings which are correct, adhere to industry standards and are delivered in a timely fashion!

  • Great Fabrication Drawings will never leave your side in the middle of construction

    And we mean, never! Sub-par fabrication drawings mean you are not going to order the materials you actually require. And getting stuck in the middle of construction due to lack of materials or incorrect supply is only going to cripple your schedule.

    The solution? Go for the right drawings. Be it steel fabrication drawings in AutoCAD or any other fabrication CAD drawings, BluEntCAD ensures that your contractors and suppliers have right set of drawings, anytime, anywhere.

  • Which brings us to our last point.

  • Great fabrication drawings are safe

    Incorrectly installed components, wrong materials and missed deadlines will definitely lead to rushed deadlines. Because of this, your building is liable to be unsafe, both for residents and workers. Structural integrity can only be ensured with the right set of fabrication drawings.

    Get in touch today to find out how you can get the best fabrication drawings by BluEntCAD’s team of expert drafters, designers and architects.

    Fabrication Drawings

How to ensure that you have the right set of fabrication drawings?

Before you send your fabrication drawings to a construction site, make sure that the drawings pass the strict review process.

  1. Pay the incredible amount of attention to details; what goes where and how much of what is required is crucial to creating fabrication drawing sets which are reliable
  2. An on-site visit to the actual construction site is often required for gauging the full scope of what you are planning to put on paper
  3. Get your drawings reviewed by in-house supervising managers; stakeholders and other relevant parties who have a say in the construction

If you need fabrication drawings for your next construction project, we can help! Just shoot us an email or give us a holler over our number anytime!

Why go with BluEntCAD?

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