The dining industry has witnessed a number of great trends in the last few years. With most people eating out at least once a week, the restaurants have tried their level best to design
their interiors and space at par with what the customers will find comfortable and enjoyable.

Creating the right ambience is extremely significant to draw in the crowds. It is what helps the restaurant to gather more loyal and ‘new’ customers. It’s the ambience and the feel of the restaurant space that becomes the ultimate deciding factor of the time their diners spend there, plan to visit again and whether they lure in their friends.

The theme of the restaurant plays a huge role in understanding the latest trends that needs to be embraced for your space. For instance, if it’s a high-end continental dining space then you would need to use dim lighting and wooden flooring to create the right atmosphere.

The first thing visitors even notice before they get the taste of your delicious food is the atmospheric décor. It is what even helps them to plan a dinner at the restaurant. Today, people google the restaurant and go through the gallery of pictures of the dining space to understand the ambience and if it fits their needs. Email UsKnow more about our Millwork Services
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The biggest trend in the dining industry that is here to stay for a long time to come – it’s not just the food, but ambience that makes a huge difference.

Here are  4 custom millwork and design trends that can help you customize and design an unique space

Let’s keep it raw!

If we were talking about food then the trend that could be highlighted here would be how peoples’ love for salads is growing. However, in the restaurant industry as well, raw materials such as wood, exposed bricks have become a popular choice. These materials create a very dramatic look that is quite appealing to the customers. Wood has the quality of radiating warmth and giving a feel of elegance. It fits with quite a few themes if used correctly to create the desired effect.

Modern, minimalist furnitures makes its way in

The modern minimalist furnitures that are in trend now, especially in the fine dining spaces, look very simple and classy as compared to the heavy ones. It not only looks great but also is beneficial in terms of the functionalities. With restaurants trying to bring about newness in their ambience and layouts, easily maneuvering around these minimalist furniture is a great way to achieve that.

Who’s the chef?

The open kitchen design has become quite a popular option in many restaurants. The customers are becoming really fascinated by the ‘chef, chef’s table’ and its components. They love to see the chef at work, the one bringing and adding great ‘palatable’ delights to the already wonderful ambiance. The open kitchen design makes the restaurant space feel really light and airy creating a unique dining experience for the customers.

Bonding with nature

When we go raw, we go all the way! Using huge glass windows or glass walls with a wooden fixture or even the big overhead doors that are kept open to bring nature and natural light it is being used by a few restaurants to allow people to connect with and enjoy nature. The restaurants that do have the option to have outdoor dining such as rooftops etc. are offering their diners fresh air and some time to truly enjoy nature.

These are just a handful of trends that are gaining popularity this year. In the restaurant industry with so many trends finding its way in, it is quite difficult to pinpoint the which ones are actually the most wanted. However, once the restaurant theme is finalized, it becomes quite simple to understand which design and millwork trends will make your space extraordinary.

BluEnt’s designers and millworkers have really enjoyed working with restaurants to help them create a dining space that can lure diners in. Connect with us to incorporate these trends and to brainstorm more alluring ideas to create a great unique restaurant for both food and ambience lovers.

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