The importance of construction documents drawing set cannot be overemphasized in any construction project as it defined the project in entirety. As a result, the design development, schematic design, or construction drawings will be incomplete without construction documents drawing, which conceptualizes any CAD drafting solutions.

What Is Construction Documents Drawing?

A construction document drawing is primarily the guide or road map created or designed for erecting a new property, home, or office. It is the builders’ companion to execute and complete each stage of construction without errors but according to working drawings or construction drawings.

The construction documents are the simplest and most accurate medium that architects follow to communicate the exact plans that contractors, builders, inspectors, and all professionals involved in the construction process should follow when building or constructing a property.

During the design development construction drawings and CAD drafting solutions of a project, architects usually generate a diverse set of drawings for building a given project. Preparing construction documents drawing is, therefore, required for all construction sets. The design development features the generation of different constructing drawings that are relevant to the successful construction and completion of the projects.

Architects, through the help of the construction drawings developed or generated, are compelled to test the validity and functionality of the design. The results of the evaluation will determine if the design is feasible or not in the real world. The architects will undoubtedly make necessary changes to make the construction or building safe and built correctly.

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The Importance of Construction Documents Drawings Set

Working drawings and construction drawings are an essential part of construction documentation. However, they do not usually get the recognition they deserve. Meanwhile, drawings are crucial for the communication of the technical details of a project in the manner understood by all professionals involved in the building process for the prevention of errors.

Here are some of the importance of construction documents drawings set:

  1. Clear Communication of InstructionsArchitects depend on construction documents to communicate the technical details of a project to builders, contractors, and all professionals that will take part in the construction of a property – industrial, commercial, or residential.
  2. Complete and Accurate InformationConstruction documents drawings give complete and accurate information needed for the construction of a project according to design development. The drawing set gives detailed, self-explanatory, and informative instructions that builders can carry out with little or no supervision because of accurate specifications involved.
  3. Time-savingThe construction documents drawings help to save time spent on-site for construction or installation. The same set of working drawings and construction drawings will be used on-site, and this will reduce the amount of time taken to complete installation or building on-site. The drawings give direction and specifications for each aspect of the construction processes. Hence, a significant amount of time is saved.
  4. Keeping Tabs on ModificationsDuring construction or installation, when it is discovered that a modification(s) us required for a project that will be functional and meet real-life use, the drawings are an indispensable resource for keeping track of modifications, maintenance, and troubleshooting. The drawings will undoubtedly be maintained and updated after installation to continue to be useful.
  5. Creation of ConsistencyThe construction documents help to create and maintain consistency within a facility which features the use of the same manufacturer parts and specifications from one project to another. As a result, there will be uniformity in the construction or installation of various projects involving the use of the sand plan.

    From the preceding, the construction document drawing is crucial and needed in the construction field. Contact us for perfect working drawings, construction drawings, and construction documentation to reduce errors and miscommunication that can lead to construction failure.

  6. Application for a Building PermitConstruction documents are important to apply for and receive a building permit from the relevant authority before any construction project could starts. The drawings serve as the basis for evaluation and approval of the construction.
  7. Construction of the BuildingConstruction documents drawing set is required to construct the building under construction. The documents comprise accurate, detailed, and relevant information that is fundamental to the success of the project.

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What Belongs In the Construction Documents Drawings Set? Explained

Irrespective of the type of building or design involved, construction documents drawing set had a pattern that must be followed in the preparation. Here are what belongs in the construction documentation of construction drawings.

  1. A0 Sheets – Project InformationThis document contains vital information about the project such as project information, names, and addresses or contact of the architect and engineering consultants, and in-depth information about the project such as location, code matrix, and relevant regulations. It is also called the “cover sheet.”

    Also contained in the Project Information document are the Site Plan and Life Safety Plan.

  2. A1 Sheets – Demolition PlanThe document contains the state of health of the house, especially if the project involves an existing home or building.
  3. A2 Sheets – Floor PlansThese sheets contain an overview of the location of all the elements of the building and their dimensions. Prominent features of these sheets include keynotes, window, door, and wall type tags.
  4. A3 Sheets – Elevations and SectionsThese documents contain the flat images of the building’s outside view. The sheets show the heights of the elements and materials to apply to the exterior. The drawings reveal crucial information about the construction of the foundation, walk, and floor-to-floor heights relative to ground plane outside.
  5. A4 Sheets – Finish PlansMany finish plans are contained in the section, but the most important is the Reflected Ceiling Plan that displays the view up to the ceiling, and the drawings show various ceiling materials such as plaster, drywall, pressed tin, wood cladding, etc. and also the location of the lights. The finish plans list the materials to be used in the walls and floor in the entire building.
  6. A5 Sheets – Interior ElevationsThese are essential sheets containing the flat views of the interior walls of a building. The drawings include the finish types for the walls, the locations of power outlets, lights, and switches, new built-in furniture, and the heights of all elements in the building. Items in display in theses sheets include the interior elevations for kitchen equipment (such as furniture or shelving options and built-in seating areas) and bathroom wall.
  7. A6 Sheet – Schedule and Wall TypesThe “Schedule” refers to a spreadsheet under construction documents, and not a timeline. These sheets are used for keeping track of diverse product information like finish types, sizes, kinds of windows and doors, and any kitchen equipment to be installed. Thus sheet comprises the list of all doors with their materials, finishes, dimensions, handles, etc. The document also indicates how each door opens, size, and location of decorative elements.
  8. AD Sheets: DetailsThey show standard details in the entire construction drawing explaining how one part connects to another or transitions.
  9. S Sheets – Structural Drawings A licensed structural engineer produces these sheets, and they contain a plan for every level of concrete footing, steel and wood framing, sizes, and locations. All important connections are explained in details in these sheets.
  10. M Sheets – Mechanical Drawings If there is any mechanical equipment to be installed in the property, these sheets will show its location, size, ductwork layout, specifications.
  11. E Sheets – Electrical Drawings The locations of power and data outlets, lights, and related switches and displayed in these drawings. All fixtures for the electrical installation are specified.
  12. P Sheets – Plumbing DrawingsThese sheets show the types, sizes, and locations of all pipes for fresh water and waste in the building, including the vent risers.

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The construction documents explained above are the essential working drawings, construction drawings, and construction documentation contained in any construction documents drawing set. Do you need professional CAD drafting solutions and drawings? Contact BluEntCAD.

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