Have fallen in love with crown molding designs? Have a look.

If you’re looking for a new way to redo your home this Christmas season, crown molding may be the thing for you. To think of it, you may have seen the same at a luxurious hotel, perhaps, or at a friend’s house. So why not bring that luxury to your own home. Giving a sophisticated and classy look to your entire home decor, crown molding can help give that touch of antique beauty to your rooms, especially to your ceilings, doorways, at the base of your door frames and over your windows. Read on to know more about this eye-catching classic beauty over the decades.

Crown Molding – Past and Present

You would be surprised to know that there’s a long history of crown molding. Formerly, it was used to display the status and wealth of the nobility. One could choose from a complete range of ornate and complex designs to simpler and streamlined designs, which include stool, apron, capitals, pedestals, balusters and columns. As per the custom tables, it was highly popular in banquet halls, dining spaces, dining halls and celebration rooms. However, crown molding has evolved down to a modern style with minimalism, to which you can also add details such as sharp details or frills. Email UsKnow more about our Interior Design Services
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Benefits of crown molding

Since time immemorial, crown molding has been a great way to decorate your rooms the classical way. However, builders use it to blend in imperfections where the wall meets the ceiling. You can choose from various Greek and Roman architecture, and have them incorporated into your design. Some crown molding benefits include –

  • Choosing a design according to the size of the room will give it a much more compact look. A larger room will look better with intricate and complex details, while simple and streamlined details will open up a small and congested room.
  • You can give a warmer tone to your room by going for light molding or hollow molding to hide wires. Look for a good interior designer for great recommendations and installations.
  • Crown molding gives your room a unique selling point to your home, through its charm and elegance. As you might know, adding designs gives even a plain old room a whole new look.
  • Highlight and accentuate different areas of your room, by staining or painting to match the rest of the decor.

Install your crown molding

Believe it or not, you can actually install your own crown molding by yourself. To know more about crown molding installation, follow the steps–

  • You have a variety of crown molding options to choose from, such as wood or MDF which is made of wood and resin. MDF molding comes with pre-primed and painted, and you better not use it in the kitchen and the bathroom.
  • Start the procedure by cutting the corners of the molding. Secondly, mark and measure the wall to show the bottom edge of the molding. Fit the pieces together accordingly, and cope the joint. Attach the molding to the wall and make the alterations as needed.

Therefore, crown molding is the latest trend in home decor and interior designing. Look for good interior designers, and choose the best to give your room a stylish upgrade this season.

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