3D printing is one of the latest technological advancements which has already taken the world by storm. It’s ability to be able to produce products as it is, in the user’s minds is beyond comparison and simply magical to people. Though, 3D printing, as it may sound to some is exclusively reserved for serious and strictly-business types of product designers and creatives, is a myth that has been debunked by the fields not associated with the arts.

3D also has a very fun and casual side to it, which is actually what has truly won hearts all over the world. A great example of the same is the business, Doob 3D print technology. Doob invites people to “step into 3D” which is a mini-studio where the picture of the subject is taken. Once the picture is acceptable to the user, they 3D print their clients who happily go home with a little mini-me of themselves. Now THAT is cool. And THAT is exactly what you want in your life.

The arrival of 3D doesn’t mean that it is going to endanger the existence of 2D printing. 2D printing will still remain relevant and applicable for most of us, but yes, 3D printing is a reality which is relatively more fun than 2D printing, much more fun than 2D Design, if you ask us.

It might sound like a super new advancement in technology, where 200 geniuses sat down together and brainstormed how printing could be refined making lives better and easier for people; such is not the case at all. The origins of 3D printing can be dated all the way to 1980’s according to this story here. Back then the technology was called Rapid Prototyping. Email UsKnow more about our 3D Rendering Services
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However, it is hard to ignore the fact that 3D printing does come at a cost which might seem a little too over-the-top to some people, but what we can assure you is that 3D printing is definitely worth it. Not only it has changed the way how some industries work, but 3D printing has the potential to revamp any business it has been introduced into. It is practically limitless when it comes to creating something out of just base materials. We know that might sound too good to be true, which is precisely what inspired this blog-post. We’ll take a look at the three parent fields, The Sciences, The Commerce, The Arts. Be prepared to be amazed!


Science is one such field where inventions continuously happen, or much rather, continuously have to happen. Without science, there would be no electricity, vaccines, phones, you name it. But original designs like everything, need to be tampered with periodically to be relevant to the on-going times. Take a look at human evolution, for example:
The Medical Field involves a tremendous amount of sorrow but an equal amount of joy. It is literally where the term, “the matter of life and death” was coined. That being stated, it should be clear that the medical field is one such place where constant invention and innovation is needed to save as many lives as possible. It might sound like a stretch to some, but 3D printing did exactly just that.

3D printing, you might think can only use a particular set of base material, ranging from plastic to metals, but that is not the case anymore. 3D printing has made a revolutionary feat by adding living cells, cells from the human body, that is. (no joke, check this out) It doesn’t stop at that. These cells can be used to make various human body parts, human bones, drugs, cheaper and lower in cost prosthetic—the limit is endless, but yet to be explored. We will, sooner than later be able to find the cure to cancer if the progress that is being carried out continues.


Commerce basically means the buying and selling of things. This is the basic definition of commerce, as stated by our trusted friends at Wikipedia. The commerce includes business, accounting, finance, trade, marketing—the list goes one. The broad spectrum of commerce has given birth to more and more entrepreneur, which are basically people who cater and especially focus on the needs of people, providing the products which will ease their life for them.

One can only become an Entrepreneur when they are constantly brimming with ideas for creating innovative products using their inbuilt creativity. So is also the case in business. Usually the two go hand-in-hand. Marketing on the other hand is the art of getting the product out there, branding it, giving it a brand narrative and direction and selling the product or services. Finance and Accounting are just numbers. Basically, where the money goes, where it comes from are the two main focuses of these two branches. It is okay to be confused as to how 3D design can be implemented in such fields, but here read this.

Personally, we feel that the whole idea of reducing inventory to almost nothing will really revolutionize business and cause them a lot less to waste. Another great aspect of 3D printing is that it happens at right on spot, which means that to market your product, you do not necessarily have to carry a whole suitcase of products. It will also enable you to customize the product on the spot, which means that you can satisfy anybody who wants to remove a part that they might not need the use of in the product. Room for so much customization leads to lesser upset customers meaning the lesser struggle for you as a business.


3D printing is a great way for artists of any caliber to make the best use of it for their art. Art, contrary to popular belief is a really broad subject where everything overlaps everything. 3D printing is a great tool for product designers and creatives to experiment and max out their potential and expand themselves. It can also help sculptors tremendously, cutting down on time and leading to perfectionism of their art.

Precious metals cannot be wasted and to be precise to every measurement is really want makes the deal for jewelry design, making it one of the fields which can be most benefited from 3D printing.

3D printing has enabled artists to take their creativity to another level. Some of them are printing sounds, some of them are creating replicas of old master painters like Van Gogh. 3D printing has definitely created a larger horizon which does not only limit artists to visual presentations and formats but takes it another step further to go to audio, visual and even audio-visual tracks.

Little do people know that architecture was a branch of Fine Arts back in the days. It slowly branched out and became its own field but the basics of drawing and design are a proof that architecture has its roots in the arts. With 3D printing being accessible, Architects have been able to create models (3D Rendering) and see the short-comings narrowing down the room for last-minute surprises.  Check out some of the BIM solutions BluEntCAD can provide to your business. With a one-month free trial of you being able to make full use of the services provided, what is there to lose?

3D printing is no longer just an advancement to look forward to but already IS available in full-swing to you. The possibilities are endless and the roadblocks to your business can be eliminated before they even emerge.

The benefits of 3D are not visible to anybody. Your competition is probably thinking about investing in 3D printing technology right now!  Catch it before everyone does with us.

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