Construction Documentation is one of the most important steps in a construction project since it is responsible for translating the design into the technical language of architects, engineers, and contractors.

Successful implementation of a construction project is a complex process and requires a lot of steps to be efficiently executed. The most important step which helps to achieve the same is preparing the construction documentation of a project. It serves as the blueprint for the entire project and guides all the stakeholders about the specifications of the project. Stakeholders expect the documentation to contain all the important pieces of information required for successful execution of the project.

Importance of correct construction documentation

Since the construction projects are becoming more complex than ever, a proper and efficient documentation is of paramount importance. The modern construction documents go through a lot more modifications, has to be very specific about everything, and is expected to have all the required information at all the times and through multiple mediums. Email UsKnow more about our Construction Documentation Services
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The correctness of the construction documentation is a crucial factor for efficient completion of the project. Incorrect specifications or a misunderstanding due to improper documentation can cost a lot of money to the firm managing the project. It might also result in subsequent delays and client dissatisfaction. It is hence very important to take very special care of different aspects of the construction documentation.

Do’s of construction documentation

There are various things which should be done for proper documentation of the construction project. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Make sure to double check all the specifications

    Since the construction documentation is the blueprint for the entire project, all the stakeholders will refer to it. Even a slight calculation error can create huge issues for people working on the site as precision is very important in these projects. To ensure the same, once the calculations and specifications are done, they should be inspected and verified.

  • Involve all the stakeholders, especially the ones on the ground

    Construction projects can seem entirely different once looked from the perspective of the workers who will be working on the site. It is hence important to ensure that their interests and recommendations are also kept in mind when drafting the final documentation. Many times, there are issues which are discovered by the site workers which could’ve been avoided in the first place if they were consulted beforehand.

  • Documentation work should be done by the experts
    Whether it is the in-house team or a third party vendor, the expertise of the people involved should be ensured. Every project is different and poses a unique set of challenges and even a minute error can damage the entire project.
  • Ensure the coordination between drawing and specifications in the documentation

    This is a common error but also a severe one. There has to be a coordination between the drawing and specifications of the components of the designs involved in the project. Parking areas, contract limits, fence locations, etc. should have a drawing which should match the specifications.

Don’ts of construction documentation

There are some things which should be avoided when preparing the construction documentation of a project.

  • Avoid a solution which doesn’t give platform independence

    Modern construction documentation solutions ensure that the documentation is available on multiple platforms and at all the times. This is important because it increases the efficiency and flexibility of the workforce who access this information and use it to do their work.

  • Don’t forget to include special conditions specific to the project

    Every project is different and so is the conditions in which the construction process is carried out. Things like wind speed, soil conditions, temperatures, etc. can significantly impact the project and hence they should be studied and included in the construction documentation. This will enable the people sitting far off to make note of actual situations on the site and they will be able to take better and more efficient decisions regarding the project.

  • Don’t take construction schedule lightly

    The schedule of the entire project is also included in the documentation and this is one aspect which affects all the stakeholders. The contracting office will know when and how the project will be completed by reviewing this part and the decision for payments and deadlines will be discussed accordingly.

Besides these points, there are other important aspects such as availability of the updated data to all the stakeholders, the flexibility of the software/tool using which the documentation is done, etc.

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