Technology has proven its influence again and again, and with the emergence of 3D rendering this has been further heightened into a positive direction.

Any visual communication student would know about 3D rendering and the process involved within it. Although it is broad in nature, there could be nothing else that best supplements your creative ideas and thoughts than the outputs of 3D rendering & animation process. Trust us, when we say that you could create almost anything with it.

3D rendering is nothing but a creative process, invariably similar to the process of photography and cinematography. The primal difference is that while shooting photos and videos, the locations, sets, and the visuals are already put in place and it is then made use of. On the contrary, 3D rendering involves staging and creating of visuals that totally comes out of imagination. The production process involved in creation or re-creation of an image into a 3-dimensional model is called as the process of 3D rendering.

The actual process behind 3D rendering:

The basic process involved in 3D rendering comprises the following:

  1. Firstly, a 3D artist would be required to understand the expectations of a client and should work on meeting their demands. Taking the variety of inputs provided by the client in consideration, the 3D artist will start imagining and creating the visuals in his head with the perfect camera angle, one which would work best for the visuals.
  2. The next step involves building a 3D model of the imagined visual. Earlier, a physical model would be needed to develop the same. But, with advancements in technology, the need for the physical model is no longer present. Various 3D rendering applications are available to create this form of a digital model.
  3. When a physical model is developed, it is painted to give better effects and not just left plain or dull. Similarly, in case of digital 3D modeling, the process involved in adding images to the model is known as texturing. This gives a perfect overall look for the 3D elements in the model.
  4. The fourth step comprises the setting up of camera angles. One single subject in the visual could be covered and captured from various angles based on the creativity of the 3D artist. This process also involves detailing, where from one particular angle all the details of the subject(s) in the visual are carefully designed.
  5. Lighting is set up with the help of a software that most commonly resembles this effect. This must be properly taken care of as light plays an important role in the 3D rendering interior design process. It is only when the focus in this part is perfect that the visuals coming out can be great, ultimately being a good product to deliver the client. Whatever the model might be the perfect mix of lighting and texturing gives the best visuals that one requires.
  6. This is the most important and elemental part of the process. This step comprises the rendering part where the image is actually developed into a working visual model. Only through this process that the digital model could be viewed. When the complexity involved in this process is high, the rendering process may extend to several days. On simple visuals, the rendering process would be done within minutes.
  7. The refining process is as important as proofreading in articles or other write-ups. Only when the entire model is refined and polished completely, that the desired and expected output can be achieved. Generally, the sample output provided to the client is before the revision or refining phase. Scenes and lightings are usually altered repeatedly until the actual visuals are made available. This is done in the most precise manner, so as to maintain the visual presentation without affecting its quality.
  8. The final output is then delivered to the client after a visual check with clarification and approval from the client.


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