Do you wish to see how your construction project will look like before it has even started? Do you want a lifelike rendering of your building to get a clear picture of what the contractor is proposing? The solution to both these questions lies in 3D rendering and here we will guide you on how to infuse clarity and high quality in your 3D exterior rendering by using few simple tips.

Gone are those days when the client could get the final look of his building only after the complete construction was over. Even though the concept of blueprints was always there but it would not give a clear picture of the building. With the help of 3D rendering nowadays contractors can provide a detailed image of the final end result of the construction to the clients. 3D rendering is of great help in this regard as it helps to create a replica of the structure under construction through different models. Email UsKnow more about our 3D Rendering Services
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What is 3D Exterior Rendering?

In a broad sense, rendering refers to visualization and creation of images and models using the 3D software. In the construction industry, photo-realistic architectural renderings are being used to give the client a lifelike image of what is being proposed. Not only does this help in decision making but it also helps the engineers detect construction flaws in the beginning thereby reducing the losses arising from faulty constructions. Due to all these advantages, it has become an inseparable part of the construction process and many firms tie up with professional architectural rendering companies for the same.

There are several tools and software available for this rendering. Like for example Exterior rendering in 3D max or exterior rendering VRay are very popular.

Tips for effective exterior rendering?

Several precautions and measures must be taken to ensure that the exterior rendering is free of flaws and is as close to reality as possible. You can follow these simple tips to Improve Your Architectural Renderings: –

1)    The position of the sun and the shadow – How real will the rendering look matters a lot on the position of the sun. This is why a considerable amount of time is spent on deciding its position and the amount of sunlight in the image as it can make the rendering look overexposed or underexposed. Similarly, the position of the shadow makes the image looks closer to reality. There are plugins available like the solar north plugin that can help you with these settings.


2)    Sky– Adding sky in the scene is of a great importance and requires a lot of skill. Change the original sky of the scene only if you are good at photoshop. If done well the post-processed sky can add a lot of reality in the image. You can use podium browser cloud domes as they complement the podium physical sky option very well.

3)    Detailing – Humans are used to a lot of details in the outside environment and if missing in the rendering, the client is sure to notice. One way by which you can ensure that all the details are added is by copying the image from the real world. Details like road curbs, drainage pipes, height variation, vegetation and the like can be added. Humans figures should be avoided or shown inside the building if necessary.

4)    Reflection – Reflections are a must to create a natural ambiance. For any glass structure in the rendering, a reflection will be needed. First of all, we recommend using Podium Browser for glass and water materials. To make it more impactful you can add panoramic backgrounds. If there are no reflections on the glass then you might have to add few more images behind the camera.

5)    Camera Height – If you choose camera view for 3d rendering then you have to take a few precautions. Like for example, it has to be at the same height as the normal eye level otherwise it will detract the realism of the scene. Apart from this keeping the focal points in mind and following the rule of thirds can help.


Even though there are very few hard and fast rules and it is more of trial and error which go well but once you learn to apply the concepts in the images then you can be sure that your exterior rendering will be more lifelike and realistic.

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