Design and specifications form an integral part of every commercial and residential project. It is through these detailed elements that the firms, builders and contractors are able to meet client’s expectations and carry out even most complex projects successfully.

The architectural working drawings in every construction project are perceived to be a ‘road-map’ used by the entire team including the builders and contractors. These detailed drawings have a great level of impact on the effectiveness and profitability of the projects.

Working drawings are considered to be the best way communicate excruciatingly accurate design and specifications to the contractors. This allows them to deliver unbeatable quality and cost-effective projects. Today, people want their projects to be completed at a faster rate instead of waiting for years for its completion. They want their dreams materialized in a shorter span of time. Email UsKnow more about our Construction Documentation Services
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The documentation and detailing work includes ‘minute-level’ information to the 3D model that elaborates the already proposed designs. This is done through drawings that are further used by the contractors in the construction process. To work on these detailed plans and drawings can be a tedious task as it consists of every little feature of the structure, connection details and various other elements. This design documentation is then showcased on sheets and shared with the entire team so that everyone is on the same page. This is where the CD sets consisting of a comprehensive set of sequential drawings play a significant role during the construction process.

The efficiency that is achieved through these CD sets is undoubtedly incomparable. A lot of time and effort goes into the creation of detailed and extremely accurate design documentation. Most of the firms usually follow 3 stages of the design specification.

First Step: Schematic

It is presented in a sketch form which gives the basic display of how the different rooms and the multiple elements in the room will be organized. This is more to do with organization, planning and the overall look of the space.

Second Step: Design Development

This documentation set includes a more accurate and detailed floor plan. This consists of elevation drawings that can include the exact location of all the elements such as doors, windows, stairs and another interior element in every space.

Third Step: Final Blueprint: CD Sets

Now, this set of architectural and design documentation incorporates the most painfully detailed drawings. They are able to showcase the exact materials to be used to the exact thickness required in the components needed to build such as windows etc.

Thus, the core aim of these construction drawing sets is to display what exactly needs to be created. This comes with a whole of lot of specifications which includes the materials, installation techniques, and quality standards. Whenever a contractor looks at these detailed accurate drawings full of architectural symbols and meanings he knows what every symbol represents. He is then able to get together a structure and deliver exactly what the clients want.

BluEntCAD has decades of experience in carrying out and delivering complex commercial and residential project working drawings. We have proven through multiple projects that if the design documentation is done well and working drawings are of a superior quality there has been a rewarding amount of cost and time-saving. Connect with us to know more about our services.

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