2017 is proving to be the year that hospitality invests in bringing people together in communal spaces rather than sending them off to private rooms. With the rise of sites like Airbnb, hotels are realizing
that their true advantage over competitors lies in the experience of being surrounded by local culture and fellow travellers. There’s no more memorable way to give guests an experience than turning your average lobby into a hub for people take comfort in getting away from everyday life.

However, the industry is still in the midst of this transition. To get ahead of the curve, here’s what you kneed to know about millwork design for hotels lobbies this year.

What is a lobby’s function?

For the majority of their existence, hotel lobbies were just the first step to checking in and the last step to checking out. But in recent years, there has been a major movement towards interior design trends that embrace a wider functionality with the addition of “creative spaces.” These are areas that serve us chic lounges where creatives and business professionals can meet and work. Email UsKnow more about our Millwork Services
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Virtuoso, the international network of luxury travel agencies, had a few examples to share from their 2017 Best of the Best directory. “The Palace Hotel in San Francisco offers a stunning historic court, with people on laptops gathering in a bar equipped with Wi-Fi and outlets,” they remarked in a press release. “The new Four Seasons in downtown Manhattan offers lobby-specific amenities, such as laptops and interpreters for business meetings.”

What millwork providers need to know: Expect requests for more seating areas and bars and less reception desks. furthermore, start thinking about ways to design millwork details that lend themselves to being worked in and lived in. how can groups congregate around a table? Is it the right height for hunching over a laptop for hours on end? More than ever, there will be a demand for hotel lobby furniture that emphasizes socializing and working rather than organized flow from one room to the next.

To see what a such large-scale hotel design and development project might look like, read our case study on BluEntCAD’s project with Hilton Hotel and K&G Architects here

Lobbies aren’t just a place to stay – they’re something to experience.

“We’re seeing that traditional check-in desk really go out, especially in the boutique market,” stated Stephanie Tyler, president of International Design Concepts, in an interview with Hotel News Now. “We’ve gone from stand-up counters to sit-down, comfortable concierge desks to now we’re really seeing a sort of sofa side kind of check-in with things being done on iPads…It’s a little more welcoming, where you might sit down, be offered a cocktail…And check in that way.”

Here, Ms. Tyler not only confirms the idea of creative spaces, but introduces a new point of interest: the boutique market. Boutique hotels are small, 40-50 room hotels that specialize in providing a unique and luxurious experience for their guests. This hospitality trend has been a hit with millennial travellers looking for personalized travel memories that photograph well on social media. For example, Autograph Collection Hotels is a chain of boutiques operating under the Marriott where guests are treated to stunning architecture and interior design bursting with local aesthetics and over-the-top extravagance.

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What millwork providers need to know: Just as Stephanie Tyler pointed out, millwork and carpentry professionals need to adapt to modern, informal reception. This means finding ways of incorporating concierge activities and functionalities into social spaces in a way that’s inviting, but also intuitive for guests checking in for the first time. Prepare for crafting casework and woodwork installation that frames spaces in a way that captures the distinctive visitor experience your clients are looking for.

BluEnt works with interior designers, casework companies, and furniture manufacturers to bring leading technological innovation to modern hotel design architecture. Through CAD millwork drawings crafted with international standards of quality, we guarantee our clients the accuracy of measurements they need to achieve the functionality and visual appeal they envisioned for each and every project.

Lobbies are the new home away from home

The rising popularity of boutique hotels marks a significant cultural shift – people no longer see hotels as a place to sleep after a long day out. Whether they’re after the indulgence of Autograph Collection Hotels or a cozy inn, there’s a trend towards hotels that are as inviting as someone’s home.

This is part of a bigger trend towards hotel furniture design that mimics residential design. Taking inspiration from extended-stay hotels, hospitality interior designers are adding residential amenities such as kitchenettes and comfortable living areas. Of course, this notion should extend far beyond the hotel room and permeate a guest’s entire experience from check in to check out.

This means that lobbies shouldn’t just be a place for business meetings, but for casual lounging and intimate conversations. People should be able to plug in their devices, enjoy a drink or two, and just take in the atmosphere of comfort and ease.

What millwork providers need to know: Architectural millwork for hospitality has a new goal: combining functionality and comfort. Both are equally important and must be addressed through furniture design. The lobby should reflect this through social zones and secluded zones that are instantly recognizable and, of course, supremely comfortable. If you’re able to integrate these two concepts in an effective and innovative way, we guarantee that clients will be lining up at your door.

BluEntCAD’s millwork drafters not only specialize in hospitality, but residential millwork drawings as well. Having worked on a diverse array of projects in both industries, we are able to provide our millwork Canada clients with professional millwork drafting services that make the most out of this hotel design trend. Our CAD Studio enables our clients to be certain about every detail before the manufacturing process begins, guaranteeing a smoother installation.

Now you know everything there is to know to build the hotel lobby of the modern era. To take on your next project with confidence, send us a message. Our team at BluEntCAD is excited to turn your designs into a reality.