There was a time when having pretty and wonderfully decorated homes were enough.

People with their monotonous and hectic lifestyle would be confined to indoors most of the time. However, the transformational beliefs emerging from ‘meditative’ time for self, nature’s healing powers and bonding with plants and trees have changed the way people design their homes.

In the last couple of years ‘outdoor living’ has taken a colossal leap into the design residential themes. Every design planning done for new homes or renovation projects includes a patio, balconies or front porch. There are trends emerging every year – and 2018 is all about making the outdoor space as comfortable as the living room but of course without the walls.

Outdoor space is also seen as an entertaining space so this year we see an inclusion of more stylish furniture, fixtures and other materials in the working drawings. People seem to engage in numerous activities outside such as reading, cooking and even swimming. The construction drawings are thus created to integrate these elements in the given space. Email UsKnow more about our Construction Documentation Services
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There is a lot that goes into designing the patio. The front porch is a part of the house and cannot be treated as a separate entity. Hence, the designs, colour palette and materials selected have to somewhere merge with the architecture of the residential home.

The experts at BluEntCAD have highlighted the latest trends that are incorporated in the working drawings of front porch/patio.

‘Openness’ in entertainment

Front porch has many identities. Technically, it is multifunctional. One day it becomes the quiet reading corner and another day it functions as an entertainment deck. People have embraced ‘outdoor’ entertainment in a big way and hence the furniture/furnishings are designed to meet the requirement. Even storage cabinets and cooking space is integrated in the working drawings.

Blending indoors and outdoors

The architects and designers had perceived this trend to be most significant in commercial spaces. However, it is adding a great value to residential homes. People are now blurring the boundaries that created a solid barrier between outdoors and indoors. They are using glass doors, folding doors to make the living room expandable. This gives them more space for entertainment and is perceived to be safer.

The comfortable and stylish furniture

There was a time when residents would just keep a couple of ‘reasonably’ priced chairs outside in the patio. However, today furniture plays a vital role in bringing the outside space to life. More and more homeowners are using the outdoor space to the maximum capacity. The architects are therefore incorporating comfortable furnishings that offer the same restful feeling of a living room space. They try to make the furniture and other features attractive enough for residents to use the space for entertainment as well. So cozy chairs, tabletop with teak finishing, upholstered cushions – everything that makes it look like another living room.

Keeping it raw

The materials that are used today are way more ‘raw’ in nature than they used to be. People are becoming more environmentally ‘safe’. This however doesn’t mean that they compromise on the quality. They used materials that are low maintenance, durable and make the outdoor space look fantastic. So investing in materials such as hardwood for decks is the new trend.

A more ‘edible’ garden

Many residents already have gardens. However, the movement is towards creating a garden that can feed you ‘fresh’ salad. So apart from the decorative green elements owners are leaving that extra space to grow vegetables, fruits, herbs etc. This becomes even more delightful for those cooking/barbequing outside as they have an easy access to these garden fresh food ingredients.

You may not have a patio that feels great as these new trends. However, you can chalk out a plan to renovate the space and add these beautiful features. If you are building a new home – take advantage of these great trends to enjoy your warm summer evenings listening to soft music and bonding with nature. Connect with our professionals who can help you design a porch that blends with your needs and home.

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