With 2016 coming to a close, interior designer everywhere are on the hunt for the latest trends that will define the coming year. What will be the hottest colour palettes of 2017? Is marble still in, or will it be left in the past?

These are a few of the questions that we sought to answer in this article. If you’re interested in what’s coming next in home design, here are our findings on the new interior design trends

homeowners will love in 2017.

Trend Alert #1: Industrial Style

Despite their fifteen minutes of fame, warm metals like copper, brass and rose gold are expected to be out by 2017. While the material of copper itself is timeless, the fad of spray-painted imitation copper accents has reached its peak and is now on the decline.

Instead, we can expect materials like black steel and burnished metals that inspire a more industrial aesthetic. The movement seems to point to a transition from the polished looks of 2016 to more stripped back expressions of style. Email UsKnow more about our Architecture Services
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If you do see hints of brass and gold in the coming year of home décor, its likely to be in combination with other metals like polished silver and nickel. The relaxed feel of this trend is very much in line with the eclectic designs of 2017.

If you aren’t afraid of a more high-fashion metal finish, go for white plaster. This can come in the form of lighting fixtures, furniture, bedframes – the versatility of the shade can be used to add sense of modernity to any room.

Trend Alert #2: Earthy Textures

In some contrast with industrial style, earthy textures are expected to make a comeback in Summer 2017. Naturalistic materials like terracotta and cork will be used to create an on-trend feeling of warmth and texture, replacing the classic, cool-toned refinement we saw in the fame of marble and white subway tiles in 2016.

Where terracotta tiling was a popular choice for interior flooring in the 80s, it will now be incorporated into bathrooms or fireplaces in more raw form. As for cork, this trend is playing both into a preference for earthiness as well as an emphasis on practicality. The material is ideal for absorbing noise when used to cover entire walls, in addition to being an excellent place to pin notes in a home office. On a smaller scale, you might see cork as an accent in furniture pieces like coffee tables or stools.

In general, keep an eye out for textures like timber, abaca, wicker, and clay. From upholstery to cabinetry, it’s all about bringing out the natural elements of the home and what it’s made of.

Trend Alert #3: Jewel Tones

The pastel pinks and blues of 2016 will soon be replaced by deep jewel tones inspired by wintery nights. The most prominent of these is forecasted to be dark shades of green rather than the classic navy. The Scandinavian cottage vibes it gives off is ideal for pairing with natural leathers, metals, and linens. If you’re not looking for a lasting commitment like paint or wallpaper, opt for emerald cushions or décor items to add an luxurious accent to a bedroom.

Another way to interpret this trend is through its connection to starry nights and rich metallics. Crystals and gems like raw-cut quartz and opal will add extravagant interest to a room without the appearance of trying too hard. For a lighter, more romantic interior design, decorate with transparent and sheer fabrics to play to an atmosphere of subtle whimsy.

Trend Alert #4: Upholstery Galore

Wooden bed frames are out, and upholstered bed heads are in. Luxury hotels and celebrity homes have already begun incorporating them, but in 2017 we’ll see them become mainstream in contemporary interior design.

This trend is extremely versatile – a beige option with buttons would lend itself nicely to a more elegant aesthetic, whereas a plush velvet model (in a shade of dark green, perhaps?) would be a lavish addition to any bedroom design.

Upholstery in the coming year will be a mark in itself of many of the above trends we have already discussed. Artisanal handmade crafts like embroidery, knitting and crochet will be prominent additions to designers looking to complement naturalistic textures and tranquil atmospheres.

On the other hand, those looking for more practical options are showing a clear disposition towards stain-resistant fabrics. Despite an inclination towards bold style and grandeur, residents want liveable spaces that will still look chic with minimal upkeep. This desire for functionality will play into the industrial theme of many 2017 home designs, and encourage designers to find innovative solutions to upholstery that balance aesthetic and livability.

Of course, experimenting with new trends is foreign territory – it can be difficult to visualize exactly how your vision will look in the real world when there are so few examples to work off of. BluEnt works with interior designers on millwork drawings and 3D renderings to facilitate the design process from beginning to end. From determining furniture measurements to the finest detail to visualizing the final room layout, our studio brings your creations to life to make your projects smoother and your clients’ results better.

We hope these trends gave you ideas for your first interior design project of the new year. To learn more about how BluEnt can take your designs to the next level, fill out a form today.

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