The concept of healing and recovery is taking a very lucid turn.

The process is no longer seen as purely ‘medicinal’. Since years scientist have been tapping into the nature of healing and recovery. In the last few years, we have seen many advancements and rapid transformations in this area. In the latest news, people and the health industry have dramatically embraced the theory of holistic health.

The health industry has adopted this concept when designing patient rooms. They believe that a faster recovery is the result of a home-like environment. The patients require homely care and need to feel stress-free to be able to allow the mind/body to work together towards restoring good health. The interior designers and architects are therefore incorporating elements in the working drawings of a patient room that can assist in holistic healing and recovery. Email UsKnow more about our Construction Documentation Services
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According to professionals at BluEntCAD, components such as lighting, customization of rooms with a touch of homely warmth, colors and other specifics are being intricately planned to make more patient-friendly rooms. The team has analyzed and discussed these factors in-depth.

The designs are now more multi-functional and patient/family/clinical oriented aiming at improving experiences. So here is how the patient rooms are being built and renovated now.

Eco-friendly designs:

People and the planet are forming a deeper connection. We are all realizing the significance of protecting our environment. Today, the health industry talks about ‘prevention’ and this has led to the emergence of sustainable materials that have no harmful impact on humanity.

The hospital industry knows how vital it has become for the sector to integrate this into their patient-room designs. After all ‘green’ is healthy and that’s what the centers want to denote. So, use of low maintenance materials that are also easy to clean is growing in numbers. The patient rooms now have flooring that is almost ‘chemically free’, are easy to clean and don’t need much maintenance. Similarly, eco-friendly designs are being adopted in all patient rooms.

Home away from home:

The proven theory of how patients recover faster when they are embraced by a home’s warmth is gaining significance and amalgamation inpatient room designs. The rooms are thus being customized to a home-like environment. The designs include adding that ‘extra’ space for patients to use it as they like. This is taken a level further by nurses who are taking that extra care to customize it as per their patient’s need – a vase with their favorite flower, keeping books/magazines they prefer to read, a space to put their families photographs etc.

It’s not a room – it’s a bedroom:

The working drawing of a patient room is very similar to a house’s bedroom. There is an inclusion of furniture and designs that you will certainly find in a bedroom – like a matching set of beds, nightstands and dressers, warmer color palettes to build a soothing environment and complementary artwork on the walls to create a sense of tranquility. It thus reflects the comfort, coziness and security of a home bedroom. There are many patients who have in the past complained about how depressing hospital rooms can be and it makes them feel sick/lonely/queasy all the time. This slows down their recovery process. The more a patient feels at home, the more he/she forgets the stress of a medicinal hospital environment.

Even the color patterns are changing from the more tedious/dull looking ones to the more vivacious and warmer ones. Colors have a deep impact on one’s mood – even a deeper one on a patient’s mood.

A multifunctional room:

The working drawings of a patient room now incorporate ‘multi-functionality’. It does not only accommodate a home-like space for the patient but also a living room kind of a set-up for the family. Patients need their family around to encourage them and be there for them. Hence, the patient rooms are not just patient-friendly but family friendly as well. So architects and designers are making substantial space in the patient room layout to accommodate sofas or sleeper sofa so that a family member can always be around.


Natural light is gaining prominence in hospitals. So the health centers these days have large windows in the patient rooms to let the sunlight in. Sunlight is a great healer and hospitals are trying to promote healing in its most holistic form possible.

Apart from natural light, the advanced lighting systems are being incorporated into the modern designs. Here, the lighting’s brightness and duration can be controlled that is great for patients.


Safety is a big concern in the hospitals and today modern techniques are being used for infection control. The use of ventilation and filtration systems to control and prevent the spread of infections is on high-rise. Apart from being sustainable, surfaces that can be easily decontaminated are also being added to the working drawings.

BluEntCAD has decades of experience is creating exemplary and most intricate working drawings for hospitals and other health centers. The experts have thus been able to map these changing trends after the in-depth analysis of all the projects and current revolution in the health industry. Connect with us to know more about our services.

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