Our future strongly demands us to approach a sustainable eco-friendly retail interior designing.

In the interior designing industry, an eco-friendly green interior designing process is getting quite famous and they are most interchangeably known as sustainable interior designing. In more general ways, following green practices refers to people’s safety, health and future with the surroundings. However, the sustainable practices address a broader picture of global development where it focuses on safety, health, and future of the entire planet.

Retail store lifecycle is getting comparatively shorter as compared to earlier years. We are living in the culture of ‘pop up retail’ in which a store opens for limited months with the motive of leaving an impression on their potential customers and then, moves to another location, on the other hand, the permanent store culture doesn’t keep the same interior for a long period as people demand variety and change is refreshing.  In both the scenarios, sustainable and eco-friendly retail interior designing creates the win-win situation for both the environment and the brand as it is a pragmatic approach to the ecological and economic agendas.

As our bread and butter relies on the architectural and interior designing industry, we keep up to our toes to gather all the information about trending ideas related to eco-friendly retail interior designs and environmentally sustainable interior designs. In this blog, we are going to discuss in-depth about the utility, creativity, tips, and examples of eco-friendly ideas which would take us on an environment-friendly retail culture.   

  • Materials

The most important part of the eco-friendly idea is the type of material procured in the interior designing project.  An interior designer must opt for the sustainable and eco-friendly material to create a successful interior design with this ideology. Sustainable materials are sourced from the processes that are not lethal to the environment, recyclable and will produce minimal polluted waste. Selecting a right sustainable material has a great impact on your interior designing outcomes and you need to keep the future in mind while taking decisions on the material choices.

Cardboard, paper, and recycled timber are the most common material types for the eco-friendly retail store. Moreover, these materials are versatile in nature and can be explored in innumerable design ideas. Cardboard and paper can easily be recycled in any form when the interior design life cycle ends.

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Interior Drafting

  • Sustainable Insulation to Fight the Weather

Thermal insulations become quite necessary to survive the extreme weathers, these insulations eventually lower the cost involved by saving the electricity utilized by the temperature control system. This can be achieved by using the environment-friendly insulation in the walls, floors, and roofs of the building. For example, straw bale method is commonly used in the natural building construction where the double wall structure sandwiches the straw bale. Apart from this, cotton or cellulose and sheep wool can also be used as a natural and chemical free insulation which can handle coldest and the hottest weather conditions equally.

  • Control Electricity Consumption Through Interiors

Controlling electricity consumption worries every business owner and the unnecessary consumption can easily be limited using various interesting interior designing tricks. Natural light can replace the electrical fittings during the day by placing the large windows or roof skylights into the interior designing and you can enjoy the natural light.

It can also be controlled by using automatic timers to keep lights on and off, energy efficient light sources, motion detectors, glass walls, automatic temperature controlling etc.

Let’s explore few creative examples of sustainable eco-friendly interior retail design:

Aesop Botanical Pop-up Store in Paris

Aesop botanicals is a skin, hair and body care products retail company with worldwide presence. They majorly follow the sustainable interior designing formula which is perfectly seen in one of the pop-up store pooped up in Paris.

The product shelves were created using cardboard boxes which gives the distinctive appearance of the products. The most attractive part is the roof ceiling is completely covered with the brand’s empty bottles hanging. Both the bottles and the cardboard can be recycled which makes it more sustainable yet creative interior design idea.

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The Wooden Orchid

The wooden orchid is an exceptional idea of an architect, Vincent Callebaut. This eco-friendly mall garden is currently at the conceptual stage and has already won many hearts. It is a huge retail center which would have its own garden throughout the walls and roofs, a library, a farmer market and a sports center, all in one. People can buy freshly plucked produce directly into their shopping cart. The main idea behind such a design is to mirror the nature and grow organic food within these interior walls as the whole mall would work on the renewable energy concept. We definitely need such ideas to replace our interior designing and architectural industry.

Building Construction

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