Millennials are changing everything. Well, they are definitely influencing the restaurant industry in a big way – the food, the design and the service.

This new generation is looking for more vibrancy, more ‘bold’, more unique flavors and ofcourse more ‘healthy’. When it comes to the restaurant design – their impact on the same is huge and will still continue to grow this year.

If there is one trait that really defines them is that they are very passionate and always on the look out for authenticity and creativity. They are persistently craving for a different experience – this holds true even when they choose a restuarnt. Being in a restaurant is not just a ‘moment’ for them but a journey, an experience. The restuarnt needs to communicate a story that they can be a part of. Email UsKnow more about our Construction Documentation Services
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Millennials love to eat outside, most of them indulge in it at least twice a week. They love to explore new places and to foster a long term relationship with them your restaurant really needs to make that big a difference. But, before you do that, you need to first ensure that they make the effort to visit your space. Here are a few design trends that the working drawings need to deliver in order to attract them.

They are quirky, they want quirky

Millennials love bold, colourful, vibrancy – they want excitement oozing out through the designs and layout. They need a kind of décor that reflects ‘youthfulness’ and ‘adventure’. Just adding a different layout with designer chairs and tables is not enough – the restuarnt design needs to tell a story. It needs to create an experience that will not be available at any other place. You could add a few cultural pieces that fits with the cuisine or design theme – weaving in a delicately historic story.

Help them embrace their ‘techy’ side a bit more

You wouldn’t see any millennial without their techy gadgets and they have it with them all the time. So if your MEP construction working drawings can accommodate the required electrical outlets and USB ports – you will stand out to be a winner. Their phones, iPads etc. are always running out of battery – a place that gives them the option to charge them will be more than appreciated.

Don’t mess with the environment – Green it up!

You will see a lot of millennials involved in ‘saving enviroment’ campaigns. As we said, they are a passionate lot so if they do something – its genuine and they feel it to the bones. Hence, the restaurant working drawings or blueprints should accommodate environmentally responsible materials for furniture to lighting to walls. Even adding handcrafted furniture pieces or fixtures that display great artwork and skill will lure in the millennials.

Beetroot burger patties, green smoothies and more

The concept of open kitchen is not very new but millennials are rushing this trend in. They need to know what they are eating – chefs in the open kitchen offering calorie counts for the smoothies they make or nutrient value of the salad they chop and décor on the plate is an ‘out of the world’ experience for millennials.

BluEntCAD‘s professionals, carrying a wealth of experience can create the most attractive designs and layout that fits with your restaurant idea. Write to us to discuss how you can add and merge authenticity, genuiness and creativity in the restaurant design plan and documentation.

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