“There’s a reason we do not see the world in black and white.” – Celerie Kemble

Whether it’s your kid’s room or the board room in your office, adding a dash of color instantly lifts up the ambiance. The average human eye can see around 10 million colors. Your office or your house, for the same matter, should be able to show you 3 colors on the wall. At least.

2018 saw a lot of metallic neutrals and conservative grays. In 2019 though, earthy colors are making a comeback. We’ve compiled a list of color trends which will dominate the AEC industry in 2019.

What does 2019 look like color-wise?

Across the color spectrum, blue and green tones are currently in vogue. Light oranges and warm terra-cottas are also in demand. Unlike 2018, which was all about introducing edgier palettes inside homes, 2019 is inviting more mindful and space conscious color palettes. In fact, move over metallic and black, Pantone’s Color of the Year 2019 is Living Coral.

The idea is to establish a semblance between the lifestyle, digital engagement and mental & physical health of the residents. And earthy, welcoming colors are your best bet.

Aec color trends

Let’s dive deeper into the AEC color trends of 2019.

Welcoming Woodland Shades

Wilderness has always been a source of inspiration in home décor. The recent trend of devoting more time outdoors has inspired interior decorators to experiment with woodland shades. Fern greens, mushroom grays are common choices for living rooms. Earthy colors such as these have an old world, rustic, naturalist feel to them.

Invigorating Coral

Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year is Living Coral. As such, coral is hopeful, optimistic and soothing. Many interior designers are experimenting by separating coral into its pink and orange counterparts; rather than applying coral directly.

Living coral pantone

The best part about coral is, it spruces up a room instantly. For windowless spaces, storage rooms and attics, coral will uplift and energize the room. The color comes to life when it’s used to make a statement on a feature wall or when used as an accent color with upholstery, wallpapers and rugs.

Soft Terra cottas

The Cavern Clay shade is Sherwin-Williams’ color for 2019. The director of color marketing, Sue Wadden says, “Cavern Clay embodies renewal, simplicity and free-spirited bohemian flair.”

Earthy colors

Sherry-Williams’ Cavern Clay

This Southwest inspired terra-cotta hue is indeed down to earth, refined and welcoming. You can pair it with deep browns, warm grays, saturated blues and warm neutrals for elemental, naturalistic appearance.

Saturated Moody Hues

Blueprint is Behr’s color of the year 2019. The Blueprint aims to be calming, timeless, approachable and contemporary. The growing trend to use deep saturated colors has finally caught up with the interior designers too. Dark, moody colors are perfect for kitchen cabinetry and custom built-ins. They really blossom in rooms having an abundance of natural light.

Moody saturated shades

Behr’s Blueprint

2019 is also seeing misty blueish tones with calming gray undertones. These create a serene energy inside a house.

Thoughtful gray undertones

Gray introduces a soothing and airy feel in a room. BluEntCAD’s Saj says, “The color gray has sophistication about it. It’s a color in the neutral spectrum and provokes a contemplative state in an individual. Gray goes with any color really. It can be included in your bathroom color palette, your study room, and your living room without making the ambiance heavy. In fact, today’s gray tones are associated with smart choices and mind-ful living.”

Classic Greens

PPG’s has chosen a deep hunter green as its color of the year. This hunter green vivifies the impact of nature. The color can be particularly soothing in case of windowless corridors or spaces without any ties to outdoors such as hospital corridors.

The classic greens work well on almost all interior and exterior surfaces. You can apply it on one interior wall to make it the focal point. You can also apply it to exterior façade, shutters and doors for enhancing the curb appeal.

The green tones have a worldly and sultry appeal to them. These hues are timeless and gel in beautifully with natural elements, millwork, furniture, accessories, wall hangings and neutral tones.

Nearly white

An evergreen classic and a universal favorite, white is the go-to shade for homes, hotels and offices. 2019, however, is seeing experiments with nearly white colors. These variants offer subtle nuances which compliment lighting and furniture. Most minimalistic homes prefer an almost-white palette supplemented with surrounding colors.

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