Construction documentation is a chassis to the entire building project. It has several benefits and has proved to be a boon to the AEC industry.

Construction projects are complex and to carry out the entire process can be very frustrating at times. This is where CD sets play a significant role – it gives a huge clarity on every minute detail of the structure. This leaves very little room for rework problems – something that was very common in ‘olden’ days.

The digital blueprints that are being widely used by the most of the players in the construction sector – has led to lower amount of destructive discoveries, less expense on rework or modification and more cost-effective and faster deliveries of projects. Who doesn’t want to avoid the lightening escalation of costs? Especially, when it comes to a huge deal like – constructing a humongous structure. Email UsKnow more about our Construction Documentation Services
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Hence, construction documentation process has made even complex projects seem less arduous. The invent of technology has also brought about some greater changes to the different layers of the process. However, as they say, there is always room for improvements and BluEntCAD has discussed 3 helpful tips to improve the construction documentation process. You may be aware of them but are you really following them? It’s about time you do.

Tip 1: Automate, Automate, Automate

We cannot say this enough. Technology and the advancements made in this arena isn’t going anywhere. Today, we almost eat, breathe and sleep technology. So, don’t lag behind when it comes to the documentation process. Of course, we have seen many AEC companies embrace and adopt digital drawings. However, that’s not the only element in the documentation process. You need to ensure you create electronic processes for sharing daily reports/important lists or tracking status of all documents. Use document management software that can help you retrieve information quickly as and when indeed. You don’t want your project to go into a hibernation mode while you search for crucial paperwork.

Tip 2: Did we just say daily reporting?

YES, we did. It is a very simple task yet failed to be adhered to by contractors and supervisors. Though the task is carried out by many, it’s not taken as seriously as it should be. Daily reporting is a very constructive way of keeping a track on the decisions made on a day-day basis and understanding the construction curve. It is also very significant to ensure that the most accurate and ‘right’ kind of information is recorded. It seems meaningless to some but training professionals to ensure they are aware of exactly what to record and the weightage every fact carries in the reports is paramount.

Tip 3: In construction, a picture can be worth millions of  ‘green’

Pictures/Visuals/Videos can enable you to literally see very accurately as to what is inside walls, ceilings and floors. It even provides you with a painfully exhaustive specifications that includes the dimensions of a pipe or find the precise location of a post-tension cable. Hence, taking photographs with clear labels that include the exact time and location can be a huge blessing, saving you lots of money. Today’s smartphones and other smart devices allow the contractors and supervisors to take these digital architectural photos and videos on site showing every necessary detail during the entire construction work – from conditions at the property site to any minute flawed work to the daily progress being made – accurate and effective.

BluEntCAD has gained indispensable expertise and are one of the biggest leaders in developing the most efficient and accurate CD sets. We have a team of expert professionals who can successfully execute even the most complex residential and commercial projects. Write to us to know more about our services.

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