Architectural construction documentation serves as a roadmap for a building project. It comprises a set of documents which need to be followed at each stage of the construction and referred to in case of any doubts.

Got a construction project underway? The first step is to get the architectural construction documentation in order. A construction project involves a large number of people working together. The architects, engineers and contractors are the main overseers. Each one is an integral part of the project. Under them, we have numerous people with various skill sets. Each person has a specific task to perform according to their specialization or field of work.

The Architectural construction documentation ensures that everyone involved in the project, is on the same platform, right from the very start. Each step of the construction is documented in black and white. It includes specifics pertaining to every minute detail of the building project and ensures that it proceeds smoothly without any misunderstandings or confusion.

Architectural Construction Documentation

A typical floor plan

Construction documents include architectural technical drawings. These drawings are in a technical language which is common to everyone who is a part of the construction team. A lay person may not be able to fathom the construction drawings, but a person who works in construction will understand it perfectly well. Every detail is clearly documented leaving no room for guesswork.

Architectural construction documentation is the roadmap of the project. It provides a step by step detailed guideline on how to proceed, and the task which should be performed next. If any person who is a part of the construction team has a doubt, they can refer to the documentation for clarification.

What are architectural construction documents?

We’ve talked so much on the value of the construction documents; now let us get some insight into what they are.

The architectural construction documents are a set of documents which covers in-depth details regarding all the various aspect of the construction process. It includes detailed drawings of the project with scale measurements, the specifications of the type and quality of material to be used, the floor plan and various other particulars pertaining to the building. The construction documentation provides dimensioning, detailing, tagging and coordination. It includes elevations and sections for easy viewing. It covers everything related to each phase of the construction.

With a construction documents checklist, you can ensure that you have all the needed documents before embarking on the project.

Now that you know what the architectural construction documents are, let us proceed to the next step …

Where to get architectural construction documents?

Every construction project has an architect who comes up with a concept for the project. This design is put down on paper in the form of an architectural sketch. Once the sketch is approved by the developer, builder or investor, the project is good to go. The next step is to make the formal architectural construction drawings. These drawings are prepared by an architect or a technical person who specializes in making architectural construction documentation.

The construction project management has a choice regarding the preparation of the construction documents. One option is to contact a qualified person who specializes in making architectural documents. This person is hired as a part of the construction team and given the responsibility to prepare the architectural drawings.

Another option, and the preferred one – is outsourcing. Give the work of preparing the architectural construction documents to a professional company.  A company like BluEntCAD has a team of experienced and qualified drafters to design architectural construction documents.

Outsourcing your architectural construction documents is a smart move. By outsourcing, you can have the best people in the industry working on your project documentation. It doesn’t get better than that.

Construction Documents

Selecting the best construction materials

Benefits of outsourcing to BluEntCAD

Construction documents include detailed drawings. These drawings have measurements pertaining to the dimensions of various parts of the building, which are very crucial. The drawings are prepared with high precision and accuracy. Any error in documentation can be detrimental to the project. For instance, the wrong grade of material or a slight miscalculation of the area can result in a construction fault.

BluEntCAD follows high standards and proper protocol while preparing the construction documentation. We also have a stringent Three Step Quality Check for all the documents prepared by us. In case any error is detected, it is rectified immediately and the concerned people are notified regarding the change.

You can also get 2D and 3D drafting services with visualizations for your project from BluEntCAD.

Why do you need architectural construction documentation?

Having a proper set of architectural construction documents serves a number of useful purposes. Irrespective of whether you are building an independent house or a high rise building, architectural construction documentation is essential. Let’s consider some of the ways in which these documents aid construction.

Improved communication and coordination: To start with, architectural construction documents ensure that there is good communication between the people working on the construction project. Construction requires people with different skill sets to work together in coordinated unison. There are numerous different professional working on a construction project at the same time. Their work needs to be well synchronized. Project coordination will ensure quality work and timely completion.

The architect needs to coordinate with the engineer and the contractor and they further need to coordinate with the electricians, plumbers, masons, carpenters and various other people who are working on the project. The architectural construction documentation contains intricate details about each aspect regarding the construction. It allows each person to get clarity about their part work in the project.

Accuracy: One of the most important criteria in a building is the accuracy of the measurements. Using professionally drafted architectural construction documents to ensure accurate detailing and dimensioning.

Compliance of safety standards: We cannot ignore the need to ensure that safety standards are maintained for the building. The fire regulations also need to be taken into consideration. Architectural construction documents prepared by experts ensure that these compliances are incorporated into the drawings.


We’ve seen the need for Architectural construction documentation and the value it holds for a building project. It is crucial that you do not compromise on the drafting of these essential documents, but rather choose to contact us for high-quality cost-effective drafting solutions.

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