It’s never been more challenging for construction companies to set themselves apart in the building industry. International standards of specialization and quality are higher than they have ever been before.

As a result, the majority of AEC firms are choosing to outsource their architectural construction documentation rather than produce it in-house. If this is a solution you’ve considered but haven’t been convinced of yet, here are 7 reasons why outsourcing will bring your business to new heights. Email UsKnow more about our Architecture Services
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  1.  Quality is their top concern.
    Since construction drawings are used by all AEC experts working on a project, just one simple mistake can cause dozens of problems once implementation begins. Training in-house employees in the skills and complex software needed is a lengthy and costly process that has no guarantee of yielding the quality you require.
    Experienced drafting companies give you access to industry professionals with a variety of specializations. They have up to decades of experience perfecting the quality of their work and catching on to the latest trends in architectural design as soon as they emerge.
    CAD outsourcing thus allows you to rest easy knowing that your construction documentation is in the hands of experts while you concentrate on your firm’s core areas of proficiency. Of course, the challenge is finding the outsourcing team that suits your business and needs.
    The BluEntCAD Difference
    At BluEntCAD, quality is embedded in all the work that we do. We have over thirty years of experience providing a diverse portfolio of CAD and BIM solutions, of which construction drawings & documentation is one of our leading services. We adhere to international standards of quality to draft, detail and deliver construction documentation sets with the highest precision and accuracy.
  2.  Project experience & security is guaranteed.
    A misconception about CAD outsourcing is that poses operational inefficiencies and data security concerns. In actuality, it often reduces these issues in comparison to in-house drafting teams
    Outsourcing construction documentation with a professional company enables you to create safeguards such as confidentiality agreements that specifically protect against data theft and leakage. Furthermore, all it takes simple research to determine the reliability of a drafting provider based on their past clients, projects, and professionalism in communications.
    This research will also give you insight into the company’s level of experience. Reputable providers not only develop skills in professional drafting & drawing over time, but those in general project knowhow as well. This is invaluable considering that they’ve encountered numerous project setbacks and obstacles in their careers that they have learned how to overcome without major delays.
    The BluEntCAD Difference
    BluEnt’s team of drafters are experienced professionals with specializations in both residential and commercial projects. Our architectural construction documentation services are accompanied by advanced project management and telecommunications tools to keep our clients informed of every aspect of the project and guarantee that our client relations only improve their experience working our studio. For case studies of our previous work, click here.
  3. Timely delivery every time.
    Punctual delivery is the hallmark of any professional CAD drafting company. Through open communication, you should be able to track their progress in your agreed-upon time schedule throughout the project and receive the drawings promptly on the deadline.
    The BluEntCAD Difference
    With offices around the world, BluEnt’s Global Delivery Model enables us to keep services available outside of normal business hours. Even while your team clocks out for the day, our drafters are creating value for your firm to uphold our reputation for time-efficient delivery of CD sets.
  4. You can handle bigger and better projects.
    When you have a large number of clients, the long and difficult process of preparing construction drawings & documentation can be the biggest bottleneck of operations. Small- to medium-sized construction firms often cite a scarcity of resources and manpower as an obstacle to capturing revenue.
    Furthermore, demand fluctuations in the market can dramatically transform your drafting needs over a period of months. In these cases, outsourcing CAD solutions is the best way of generating as many documents as you require at the lowest possible cost.
    The BluEntCAD Difference
    The BluEntCAD studio was designed for flexibility. We provide customized services for all our clients based on an analysis of their requirements, budget, timeline and delivery context. We also offer a one-month trial period where you can test out a Revit or CAD resource to test out what solution works best for you. Cost-effective solutions are out there.
    A recent NBS Report showed that one of the major problems faced by the construction industry is an inability to complete construction within budget. When you outsource CAD drafting services, you can forego office expenses such as equipment, space, and of course, compensation for extra in-house staff.
    In addition, CAD outsourcing companies can provide you with a quote upfront. This allows you to compare different pricing models and waive the risk of cost escalation down the line.
    The BluEntCAD Difference
    The BluEnt Global Delivery Model also allows us to combine the best of innovation from the East and the West to leverage cost and quality advantage over our competitors. To get a quote or learn more about how we price our services, send us a message.
  5. Access to the latest technology without the cost.
    In today’s day and age, major technological advancements are taking place every year. Keeping up with these trends through an in-house team requires hefty expenses, training, and dedication. Neglecting them not only puts you behind the competition, but it can create serious CAD conversion problems later on.
    Modern CAD vendors use revolutionary technology to create top-quality drawings for their clients, enabling you to take advantage of the latest advancements without all the hassle.
    The BluEntCAD Difference
    BluEnt is constantly on the hunt for the latest technological innovations to bring to our clients’ projects. We use cutting-edge CAD & BIM software to guarantee that technology is never a hindrance to what you need to create, but rather a vessel of exploring the new limits of what’s possible in construction drawings & documentation.
    We hope this article has given you a sense of how outsourcing CD sets is the fastest way to getting ahead in the building industry today. To learn more about how BluEntCAD can take your construction documentation to the next level of innovation, give us a call.

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